Linux Step By Step

Step By Step install CTorrent & CTorrent Control Server

Ctorrent is torrent client software for linux & Ctorrent Control Server for manage torrent file on webbase

Step 1 – Getting CTorrent source-code
The first thing we need to do is to download the actual source-code. It’s recommended that you get the latest stable version from the downloads section. Once you have the source, we need to uncompress the gzipped tarball (file extension .tar.gz):
tar xzvf ctorrent-source-file.tar.gz

Step 2 – OpenSSL
CTorrent depends on the OpenSSL library, so unless you have it installed already, you will need to download and install. Get it from If you are using Linux Debian, you can use the packages “openssl” and “libssl-dev” to install it by running:
apt-get install openssl libssl-dev

Step 3 – Configuration
Since version 1.3.2, CTorrent comes with a fully automated compiler configuration script. It will run on your Linux/UNIX system to make out where and if you have the required components. In versions prior to 1.3.2, you are required to manually configure your Makefile, but this method (or version) is no longer officially supported so we suggest that you upgrade to at least v1.3.2! To start the automatic configuration, type:

Step 4 – Compile the source
We are ready to compile, enter the source-code directory and run

Step 5 – (Optional) Install ctorrent
If you want to make ctorrent available to all users on your Linux system, run as root:
make install

This will copy the ctorrent executable into the /bin directory. If you wish to install it to another directory, use the PREFIX variable aswell.
make PREFIX=/usr/local install

The above line will install ctorrent to /usr/local/bin/. If you prefer to do this manually, you can simply move the executable to whatever directory you want using the mv command:
mv ./ctorrent /home/user/mydir/

Step 6 – Finalizing

CTorrent Control Server

Download CTorrent Control Server here

Help command run CTorrent Control Server by ./ctcs
follow the intruction of CTorrent Control Server software.



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  1. ThanX, Quite helpful.

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